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Technology and social media platforms keep evolving to adjust to the current situation. In particular, LinkedIn has launched new updates to level up the private messaging within its platform: video meeting functionality. Good news! Now you can schedule a Microsoft Teams, Zoom or BlueJeans meeting directly from any private conversation due to the latest integration. We’ve seen LinkedIn messaging growing over the last months. Today’s update is a great advance for LinkedIn members, which lower the steps to schedule meetings. Do not forget that behind every business opportunity, there was a private conversation. Here a quick live demo of how to use it on your mobile phone (very similar process on your desktop):



Although face-to-face meetings are not possible at the moment, they remain essential in any business relationship. The evolution of technology and advances of social media platforms like LinkedIn, is easing the transition from physical to online meetings, which empowers professionals to have online conversations in just a few clicks. Microsoft Teams, Zoom and BlueJeans have merged forces with LinkedIn to bring the user the best experience to arrange and execute online meetings.

At Tricycle Europe, we believe the future will be shaped by how people use digital tools and social platforms. That is why we are very enthusiastic about supporting you and your organization in accelerating success by equipping your teams with the power of technology and modern techniques to drive improved seller and customer experiences.