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It’s no secret that the buyer’s journey has changed. Waves of buyers are deep in the internet, researching products and services – and buying without ever speaking to a seller! The number one question on every manager’s mind: how can social selling help my team to stay ahead of the competition, disrupt the new buyer’s journey, and reach their goals? This blog post offers you five main reasons why many sales teams are tapping into the power of social selling – and succeeding.

Amplify Your Professional Brand

Sellers know that people buy people first, and products and services second. They understand the need to by visible on social platforms like LinkedIn and broadcast their unique skill sets as problem solvers and experts in their fields.  Merely representing yourself as an employee for a company just doesn’t work anymore to influence the potential buyer. You need to convince them by creating a strong blend of your professional and company brand for the win.

Shorten the Sales Cycles

Effective sellers shorten their sales cycles by engaging their customer and leads on social media along their entire buyer’s journey. By providing answers and relevant content at each critical stage they move decision-making needle forward, faster.

Understand your Customers

Social media enables sellers to understand what customers are thinking. It’s about as close to mind-reading as you can get. Following social posts gives sellers immediate insights into what is top-of-mind for their potential and existing customers. That helps them dial-in on their needs, provides an opening to engage or nurture, and uncover business opportunities in real-time.

Make Better Use of Marketing: Become a Thought Leader

Social sellers are using marketing’s content to their advantage. They aren’t just resharing it; They are making it more powerful by showcasing their expertise on it, with insightful comments. Thought leadership is powerful. it is the difference maker in the online social equation.  Enter: marketing.  Marketeers work tirelessly to provide customers with great content, but its proven that customers don’t engage with it online as much when thought leadership is added. Social sellers recognize the power of their professional brand to tap into marketing, put their expert view on it, making it more powerful.

Basic Multiplication

Sellers understand the multiplication of social selling. When they combine all the above actions into a social selling equation (routine), it results in a powerful combination of social motions that uncover and drive business opportunities faster by uncovering the right people and nurturing them where they are: online.
Investing your time in social selling can make the difference and convert time into opportunity. Isn’t it time you find out how social selling can work for your team? Read our 4-step guide to start leveraging Social Media for Sales teams
The 4-Step Guide to Start Social Selling