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What is MS inspire?

Microsoft Inspire is an event where partners meet to connect, collaborate and celebrate as one community. Thousands of partners from over 130 different countries will attend during the four days in Las Vegas. They are there to receive inspiration and insider access to drive real business growth.

Why is Tricycle Europe joining?

In the spirit of driving new business growth, we are there to inspire and share our experiences wit Microsoft Partners, introducing them to the value of incorporating modern sales & marketing strategies. Our business coach, Eric Haar will be presenting the why and how to implement a social selling strategy and giving actionable recommendations about branding, connectivity and engagement.

Tricycle Europe has trained more 80 Microsoft Partners worldwide. They have trusted us to help them in their own sales and marketing transformation. They were able to establish their online professional brand by making it customer-centric; to achieve an increase connectivity to an individual average of seven relevant business decision makers and influence more than 66% of business opportunities by following our guidance.

Most of the Partners have leveraged the Social Selling Index score to go from acting social to being social and starting leveraging Employee Advocacy, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn for Advertising. In the following weeks, we will be sharing in our LinkedIn company page insights, tips and recommendations about branding, connectivity, networking and engagement. Stay up to date by following us on social.

Tricycle Europe LinkedIn Company Page