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Last week, Tricycle hosted the event Virtual Coffee with a Coach, where our attendees can have a ‘virtual coffee break’ and ask any question related to thought leadership, social selling, and personal branding to one of our coaches. This time, our Digital Business Consultant Mariana Lima was asked: “how do I get started with social and get it right?”.

Mariana shared the three pillars you should be considering to build a solid digital strategy and start off on the right foot:

Personal and Professional Branding

A strong personal and professional brand will position you as a trusted advisor and credible source. It will allow you to add value to your network without even having to meet them face to face. This will make you visible, help you build sustainable relationships, and attract opportunities.

However, building a professional online presence requires dedication. It is indispensable to be consistently and authentically engaging with your network, staying fresh with relevant content, and being your audience’s go-to person. Make sure to always keep in mind your goals, your target audience, and the message that you want to convey.


The next thing you should be focusing on is your connectivity. Working on your connectivity will guarantee that you are building relationships with relevant decision-makers that will make your business move forward.

With almost 800 million users, LinkedIn is a great place to expand your network and connect with the right people, who could ultimately help you in your business. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to create strong relationships and generate more business opportunities. As they say, “your network is your net worth”.

Content Sharing 

Sharing content will make sure that your audience is nurtured and influenced by you, positioning you at the top of their minds. Creating engaging content might seem intimidating at first, but it will help you establish your personal brand and reputation as a thought leader in your industry.

There are two ways you can go about sharing content on LinkedIn: you can either create content yourself or find third-party content that will keep your audience interested and informed. It is important to note that you don’t have to share content just for the sake of it. Focus on creating content that is helpful, entertaining, inspiring, or educational.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember when building your social media presence is to take the time to build your own strong, engaging brand. Once this is done, the rest will just fall into place. Together, these pillars form a solid foundation for your online presence and give you a platform to showcase your knowledge, network with other professionals, and grow your brand.

To learn more about this and many other frequently asked questions, watch the full recording of our Virtual Coffee with a Coach (October 2022 Edition) event here. We talked about connection requests, building relationships, sharing content, and so much more! If you want us to help you answer your questions and get the results you want to achieve on social, register for our next edition here!