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Are you wondering about the latest trends and shifts in B2B sales strategy? We’ve dug into the data from our comprehensive survey and do we have some eye-opening insights!

We connected with over 500 executives from a wide array of industries, and their responses have given us a treasure of intel. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Social media and content marketing are gaining serious traction in the B2B sales. In fact, 64% of businesses predict that these channels will become increasingly crucial in their sales strategies over the next five years.
  • LinkedIn is currently the top dog when it comes to social media platforms used in sales strategy. But don’t overlook Instagram and TikTok – they’re anticipated to skyrocket in importance. Are you ready to capitalize on these platforms?
  • The survey results are clear: Companies aren’t hesitating to invest in social media. In fact, a whopping 81.6% of respondents are planning to sink more dollars into tools and training to bolster their social media prowess. Are you making the same investment?

But it’s not all rosy – the journey to social media mastery has its challenges:

  • Time constraints and competing priorities are a significant barrier.
  • There’s a gap in understanding the value of social media insights.
  • Collaboration between sales and marketing teams can be tricky.

Sound familiar? Identifying these challenges is your first step to overcoming them.

We’ve packed our full report with even more nuggets of wisdom and actionable strategies to help you navigate the social media landscape in B2B sales. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – download the full report [Go to the Report] to stay ahead of the curve.

We’re all in this together! Stay tuned for more insights, and remember – as the world of B2B sales evolves, make sure you’re right there with it.

If you’re looking to master the art of B2B sales strategy in the digital age, then you won’t want to miss our webinars. They delve deeper into the dynamic world of social selling and reveal how you can harness the power of social media platforms like LinkedIn to supercharge your sales and marketing efforts.

We’ll explore practical strategies and tactics that will help you transform your team’s social media skills and effectively implement a robust B2B sales strategy. From understanding the nuance of each platform to training your team to use social media insights to your advantage, we’ll cover all the bases.