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Frankfurt native Julia Winkler fell in love with Amsterdam. To be able to stay here she scoured the city looking for work, leaving no bar or store unturned. After joining Tricycle Europe, she discovered a new passion; her job as a social selling coach.


What’s your background?
In my past I have mainly been working in marketing while getting my Masters degree in Management & Leadership, which allowed me to put the theory I learned into practice. My roles in marketing enabled me to work with our clients directly and establish business relationships, all of which allowed me to discover my passion for my current role.

What exactly do you do at Tricycle Europe as a social selling coach?
I help people in building up their online relationships.


What is the most beautiful thing about this job?
Building up relationships in the broadest sense of the word.


You’ve been working here for a year now, are you still enjoying your time at Tricycle Europe?
Yes! Management has complete faith in me and gives me the freedom to find out what works best. There are of course limits, the good thing however is that there’s always time for collaborative thinking, they truly care about their employees. Good work doesn’t go unnoticed.


What happens when something doesn’t go as planned?
It’s always handled very respectfully. Nobody gets torn to pieces, but instead they look at what went wrong and they try to find a solution, together. It works perfectly.


How’s the atmosphere in the workplace?
I met some of my best friends here, a colleague and I are even planning a trip together to visit my parents in Germany. We learn a lot from each other and from our various cultures here at the office.


You travel quite a bit, could you tell us more?
Correct, sometimes I’m on the road three weeks out of the month visiting clients for social selling days all over the world. I really enjoy helping people both online and face-to-face and my aim is to always leave a meaningful impression.


What exactly do you do at the social selling days?
At social selling days I get the opportunity to meet my clients in person. Here, we have a full day to exchange ideas on how companies can create more business opportunities in the online space, how to maximize their sales and how to influence others. Key topics we discuss are Professional Branding, Social Listening & Sharing as well as the power of tools such as LinkedIn, PointDrive and many more.


What else do you want to achieve at Tricycle Europe?
I want to grow into a role involving more responsibilities. Perhaps with more focus on marketing/sales. I enjoy challenges and always drag myself out of my comfort zone because I’ve learned this really helps with my personal development. It’s not always easy, but every time I take a step forward, it really makes me proud.


You’ve had a busy year, have you taken any holidays to help recharge your battery?
I went to Mallorca for four days, which was amazing. Going to the beach on the weekends or swimming in the Amstel on a hot summer’s day I also consider mini vacations. I am however planning on taking a long trip in November.


Why didn’t you plan that trip during the summer break?
I had to put some money aside because I’ve been moving house pretty frequently. This is expensive due to the nasty deposit fees and often higher rent. It’s difficult to find a place to live in Amsterdam. Over ten months, I’ve moved house four times already. Luckily, in October I’ll move into a more permanent apartment. Very close to Tricycle Europe’s head offices, for which I’m very thankful.


Any wishes for the future? Either personal of professional?
‘Good question…’ she’s thinking.

‘Stay healthy and happy…’


Nothing else? Not even where you see yourself in five years?
She thinks some more: ‘no, I’m not sure yet, I’m happy right now, I live in the moment and it’s going really well. No need to change anything at the moment, Everything is just fine.’