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Sumitha has been working at Tricycle-Europe for three months now. She was born in Bangalore with its nice weather, great vegetarian food, diverse people and a fast-paced life-style. It also happens to be the IT-capital of India and is known for the large number of software companies it hosts, as well as its beautiful gardens.


How long have you been living in the Netherlands?
I have been here for about 18 months.


Who or what brought you here, to Amsterdam?
My spouse’s work assignment initially brought me here.


Why Tricycle-Europe?
Tricycle-Europe has a very positive, open and diverse work environment.


What is your work and study background?
While I was a Postgraduate in Business Administration I worked as a Senior Analyst with Reuters. I was responsible for Financial Content on their Products and Services.


When did you first hear of Social Selling?
Social Selling was actually a new concept to me and I first learned about it here, at Tricycle-Europe.


What is the most beautiful thing about this job?
That no day is the same. This way I have something new to look forward to every day.


Do you like it here compared to what you are used to?
I like it here pretty much: the people, the weather and of course using a bicycle.


What are you looking forward to, to learn?
I believe each day offers us new things to learn. I am learning new things here at work as well as learning Dutch.


What is your dream?
I’m not much of a dreamer. (She smiles)


Where are you in five years from now?
Probably in the Netherlands with my family.