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Talking about Social Selling implies to bring many components to it. Nonetheless, there are four major pillars that sustains the Social Selling strategy: (1) Establishing your Professional Brand, (2) Finding the Right People, (3) Engaging with Insights, (4) Building your Network.

When we talk about Establishing your Professional Brand, having an optimized LinkedIn profile is not enough. Your Professional Brand is also what represents you in your professional life based on your voice, expertise, communication style, field, industry… How do we start building it in the online space? Due to the B2B focus, the platform where most business are happening is LinkedIn. One of the features that LinkedIn offers to enable the opportunity to start conversations on your field of expertise or interest is LinkedIn Groups.


LinkedIn Groups is the online space on LinkedIn where professionals from the same industry are virtually meeting at any place, any moment. It is a great opportunity to share similar interests or insights to build sustainable relationships. Additionally, What does LinkedIn groups offer to establish your professional brand?

  1. A creative way of sharing your experience on the field. Now it is possible to not only share your knowledge and experience via message but also to add media files (pictures & videos). It is not about purely selling, it is about creating engaging conversations that will lead to your solution.[vcex_spacing size=”30px”]
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2. In any conversation, you need people. As it is possible on LinkedIn, on Groups it is also possible to @mention any group member to start the conversation directly and start generating the trust that a community provides.[vcex_spacing size=”30px”]


3. Timing is important. Finding the right people is crucial but being able to reply to conversations or topics on-the-go is fundamental to keep the engagement up. Make sure to set up the right settings on your mobile LinkedIn App to fully leverage LinkedIn Groups.[vcex_spacing size=”30px”]


If you want to know more about how to find your relevant groups, start a conversation or some best practices, visit our website or get in touch with any of our expert coaches.