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In a B2B Environment, September is well known for implementing new ideas and strategies to achieve better results. Although the concept of Digital Transformation might be redundant already, many enterprises are still evolving and finding new ways of adopting digital strategies for its employees through Social Selling Strategies.

When the adoption implies a change of behavior or routine, having a professional coach becomes an important element towards such transformation in order to guide the professional during the process of adoption. In the case of Sales & Marketing, communication is a fundamental element towards success. In today’s digital world, multi-channel and multi-threading are needs for Sales Reps and Marketeers to be addressed. Social Selling has become a response to the digital evolution in the way the communication flows in business relationships.

As any relationship has a personal component in it, our made-to-measure Social Selling Program offers the possibility to companies to start its digital sales & marketing transformation journey together on site. Our experience tells us that change is a journey that is more likely to occur if a professional guides you through it. At Tricycle, we truly believe that by enabling the capacity to digitally leverage relationships helps professionals on the field to reach their objectives more efficiently, therefore, increasing their productivity.

This is the reason why our coaching team has been all over the place this last September (Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Portugal…) with one common goal: helping global organisations in their digital sales & marketing transformation journey through Social Selling in its own cultural and linguistic environment.

Stay tuned to know more about how Social Selling can help your sales & marketing team