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Change starts from leadership and senior executives being the example so that the message is transferred to the rest of the organization. Digital selling & marketing transformation comes with challenges and changes. It requires a change in the mindset but also in the behavioural aspect. That is why many leadership teams have trusted Tricycle Europe coaching team to guide their teams towards the adoption of digital sales and marketing strategies. Establishing their digital brand is the foundation of it. Watch the next piece of the interview between Lennart and Allison to find out more about how coaching can help your leadership / senior executives teams.

Our Executive Digital Branding Coach, Allison Meekins, has been interviewed by Lennart Sloof (Manager Digital Marketing Strategies at Accenture Netherlands) on the topic of digital selling transformation. They spent some time together to exchange perspectives about their experiences working together. Lennart is the Visionaire of some Accenture programs that Tricycle Europe is running. Allison is having the role of executing such digital marketing and sales transformation programs with leadership teams. In this piece of the dialogue, Allison and Lennart discuss how coaching help leaders / senior executives in sales & marketing in their digital transformation journey.

Lennart: What are the techniques you use to make your message really stick?

Allison: well it goes into parts because you have the mindset and you have the practical element of it.  Supporting the mindset change and being there for them through the change and supporting when they have a barrier, making them feel comfortable to come to me when they have one, instead of just letting it fall off. According to practical support, helping them to make goals for themselves. For instance, this week I will like 3 engagements from the leads I’ve saved on sales navigator. Or saying… OK, what is it that you want to achieve this week? What is going to be your focus when you logged in to LinkedIn or LinkedIn sales navigator. Therefore, getting them to think about the homework for themselves that way we can start to create the self-sustaining system. I think those are the 2 biggest points. Additionally, making sure that they achieve success throughout the time that I have with them. The programs that I’m involved with are typically 4-6 sessions so it’s very very limited touchpoints that I have with my clients.

Lennart: Do you define a goal for each session? A success factor sort of speak?

Allison: Not necessarily for each session but for the program comprehensively. Because each session builds on something new. And actually, it’s a series of things building up to when you could achieve success. Ideally, it would be great to have more touchpoints with each client. That way we can follow up and say OK, how have you applied all of your learning? Because, by the end of each program, they will have seen the full picture and they will have understood how it works entirely and then, if we have sync on a monthly basis thereafter, then, they should be fully practising everything and have achieved success according to what their initial goals were. Yes, so that’s realistically this is how you’re going to sustain that is by having them get something from it. They are investing a lot of time, a lot of thought into what they’re practising. Therefore, if it goes without success, then it’s not worth it. This is how it works.

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