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The process of digital selling and marketing transformation comes with many challenges and benefits. Your online brand is the value you offer to your network; it explains why people should trust and choose you, not the competition. One of the cornerstones that must be achieved to develop your digital capabilities is establishing your professional brand in the digital space. Tricycle Europe is here to bring you the latest insights from expert professionals in this particular field. 

Our Executive Digital Branding Coach, Allison Meekins, has been interviewed by Lennart Sloof (Manager Digital Marketing Strategies at Accenture Netherlands) on the topic of digital selling transformation. They spent some time together to exchange perspectives about their experiences working together. Lennart is the Visionaire of some Accenture programs that Tricycle Europe is running. Allison is having the role of executing such digital marketing and sales transformation programs with leadership teams. In this piece of the dialogue, Allison and Lennart discuss why having a professional digital brand is so important in today’s B2B environment.


Lennart: Why is it important to develop a digital brand?

Allison: What I tend to do with leadership teams is sitting with them and first just establish, what are you actually doing today? What is your personal message? So, a lot of them kind of forget that or they get lost in their everyday work and the yes/no decisions.

Lennart: And why is his personal message so important?

Allison: Because when we’re working on social selling it’s so critical for us to personalize to better understand what the personal brand is before we go out and try to engage with our customers. In the digital transformation, it’s becoming actually a lot more personal. The way we’re communicating with our clients. So, it’s critical for them to understand what is it that is my unique selling point, why would somebody want to talk to me or to work with me, and how do I represent the company. Because they are the face of the company, so they need to recognize what is their face actually. It’s been an interesting observation but working with them to understand what their personal message is and then, bring it into the online space has been a very effective way of getting them to better understand what the importance of social selling and being present in the digital spaces is.

Change starts from leadership and senior executives being the example so that the message is transferred to the rest of the organization. Digital selling & marketing transformation comes with challenges and changes. It requires a change in the mindset but also in the behavioural aspect. That is why many leadership teams have trusted Tricycle Europe coaching team to guide their teams towards the adoption of digital sales and marketing strategies. Establishing their digital brand is the foundation of it. Watch the next piece of the interview between Lennart and Allison to find out more about how coaching can help your leadership / senior executives teams.

How does coaching help Leaders/Senior Executives in their digital transformation?