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If you take a closer look at social selling, it soon becomes clear that it’s no longer a question of “if?”, but of how to implement this sales strategy successfully and efficiently.

In this live session Sabina Mierzowski, Senior Marketing Manager at XING ProBusiness and  Jochem Verberg, CEO and co-founder of Tricycle, will discuss the following questions:

  • How do sales teams master the key challenge of implementing social selling?
  • What useful social selling KPIs are available?
  • Which measures lead to a positive result and more acceptance of social selling in your sales team?

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We are living in challenging times, in which an acceleration in digital transformation is happening in every sales and marketing team. Would you like to know more about how your sales and marketing teams can leverage the potential of digital? Let's jump into a call to understand how you can win in the digital space by implementing modern sales and marketing tactics.