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Business and communication strategies have changed over the last months. Going digital has always been an option, but today it is not anymore. It became essential in any marketing or sales strategy if you want to remain competitive. A core element in your sales and marketing digitalization is your brand. Positioning and updating your brand in the online space provide the seller or the marketer the opportunity to generate trust and add value to their network without having to meet face to face, which is rare to see lately.

To understand the value of your brand and the importance of levelling up your digital skills, Jochem Verberg — CEO and Co-founder of Tricycle Europe, has talked to Andy Kauffmann — M2O Commercial Excellence & Lead Coach Europe at Signify. Jochem and Andy have been working together to enable sales & marketing specialists in the lighting industry to leverage the opportunities that the digital space offers.

In this virtual talk, Jochem and Andy discussed the importance of online branding and the virtual space for sellers. What are the benefits of positioning your brand in the online space? What are the aspects that a seller has to be good in today’s new business environment? How can you digitalize your sales strategy? They shared some of the answers in this virtual talk.


We believe that the future will be shaped by how people use digital tools and platforms. That is why we establish the foundation for large technology companies to win in the social space. If you want to know how we can guide you in your digital transformation journey, do not hesitate in reaching out to us.