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Companies around the globe face an unprecedented challenge in our disrupted landscape. While the responsibilities of sales and marketing teams remain largely the same, the tactics and tools that they leverage to capture interest and build sustainable relationships have been forced to evolve. In these times of change, leaders play a crucial role in the transition towards new tools, new strategies and ways of working. Last July, we presented you this webinar, which is designed to introduce you to the fundamental elements of sales enablement and productivity, from a leadership perspective.

To walk you through the future of marketing and sales, Tricycle Europe’s Co-Founder and CEO Jochem Verberg shared his mission and vision. He presented also a discussion about how Tricycle continues to help technology companies set the foundation to win in the social space through training and coaching on behavioural change. Joining him in this discussion, Showpad’s President, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Louis Jonckheere, introduced the fundamental elements of sales enablement and productivity, fueled by the right digital tools and tactics.


Jochem Verberg – Co-founder & CEO, Tricycle Europe — LinkedIn

As CEO, Jochem gets satisfaction from the development of the employees and the development of the company services.

Jochem beliefs strongly in the power of relationships. Over the years, Jochem shifted the company’s focus form lead generation, to lead nurture, to Digital Selling. The core idea remains the same: building effective relationships and helping business professionals expand their outreach while increasing the awareness around them and their brand.

Among the midst of digital transformation, Jochem keeps an eye on the people, for the growth rate will be impacted by the rate of Adoption by the workforce. “The future will be shaped by how People will use Digital Tools and Social Platforms.” Jochem holds a Master in Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam.


Louis Jonckheere – President, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Showpad — LinkedIn

Louis co-founded Showpad in 2011 with PJ Bouten and Peter Minne. As Chief Product Officer, Louis is responsible for leading the product, design, and engineering teams that deliver the only sales enablement platform that combines sales content, readiness, and engagement.

Showpad is the second company Louis has founded. Prior to founding Showpad, Louis and PJ founded In The Pocket, a leading mobile development agency. Louis continues to serve on the company’s board of directors. Prior to founding In The Pocket, Louis served as a Strategic Partnerships Manager at social media network Netlog, where he first met PJ. Louis holds master’s degrees in both law and business and serves on the board of directors of his alma mater — Vlerick Business School in Belgium.

Our Partnership

Tricycle Europe and Showpad are partners that are committed to providing your teams with the tailored content, knowledge, and skills currently available. Driving meaningful customer conversations and building long-lasting relationships is what we both truly believe in. Technology and coaching should go hand-in-hand: coaching provides employees with the knowledge and techniques to develop their skills in the social space; technology helps instil these skills by applying them in an innovative, efficient way through digital tools. Ultimately, our goal is for your teams to be prepared to engage buyers and optimize their marketing and sale effectiveness anywhere, anytime.

The Discussion:

  • What are the fundamental elements of sales enablement and productivity when navigating a sea of channels and tools
  • How sales and marketing teams are acquiring new skills in today’s disrupted landscape
  • How to enable a remote selling team with the right resources and training

We support you in accelerating success by equipping your teams with the power of technology and modern techniques to drive improved seller and customer experiences. We believe the future will be shaped by how people use digital tools and social platforms.