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The progress of technology has undoubtedly a massive impact on how we conduct business and it has been changing the working world fundamentally for quite some time already. In particular for the digital marketing and sales team leads, emotions – the human element of business – are still and will remain an influential and decisive factor in the professional realm.

Our Executive Digital Branding Coach, Allison Meekins, has been interviewed by Lennart Sloof (Manager Digital Marketing Strategies at Accenture Netherlands) on the topic of digital selling transformation. They spent some time together to exchange perspectives about their experiences working together. Lennart is the visionary of some Accenture programs that Tricycle Europe is running. Allison is having the role of executing such digital marketing and sales transformation programs with leadership teams. In this piece of the dialogue, Allison and Lennart show you: How to improve soft skills in digital selling transformation.

Scaling Digital Selling and harnessing its potential are important topics for today’s CEOs, CMOs, and Digital Leads. Tailored specifically for the C-suite, Tricycle-Europe is hosting this webinar on Scaling Digital Selling.

Digital marketers aim to establish a strong online presence of the company and aspire to position the company’s content at the front lines to be seen by the target audience, as 89% of business decision-makers make buying decisions based on their online research, using social media as an inherent source of information for making purchase decisions. This webinar is designed to outline the crucial steps to implement an effective social media strategy that not only sets out a clear procedure across your company to share relevant content with your target audience but also lays the foundation for efficient communication across different departments within your company and how to gain valuable insights about your prospects.


Javier DominguezSocial Selling Coach | Marketing Manager