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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are tremendously evolving. Integrating LinkedIn CRM enables Sales Teams new ways to expand and nurture their business relationships, but what are the five main benefits of LinkedIn CRM integration?

Time and relationships are crucial elements in achieving the desired Key Performing Indicators. Sales Teams are continually focusing on generating more sustainable relationships. Although such relationships have many components, conversations and mutual win/win situations must encounter one another. CRM tools have been revolutionised by implementing a three-component LinkedIn integration: CRM, productivity tools and Social Networks.

Conventional sales activities are provoking the loss of many deals. Decision-making processes are more complex than ever. Business reports assert that more than six people on average are involved in the process. Interestingly, more than 50% of those decisions are made outside of the C-Suite level. As a result, it is not enough anymore to focus on your crucial champion within but to multi-thread your targeted network. In addition to that, over 70% of the buyers do not believe anymore that sales reps understand their business. Therefore, there is a real need to apply digital strategies in sales. That entails personalising content, help them by teaching them something new or how change can impact on their business. Within the next few lines, you can find five benefits from maximising the value of that the Social component. Five benefits to enhance your CRM experience with Sales Navigator. A tool to build up relationships, hence, to generate new business opportunities.

1. Build stronger relationships

As a fundamental element for business performance, the provided insights into this new version of CRM will enhance the existing relationships and drive toward new business opportunitiesSales Navigator represents a relevant percentage in its contribution to digitalising sales activities. This integrated tool allows the representative to:

  • Center his/her attention on the right people;
  • Gain valuable insights (company news, lead shares or new hires)
  • Offer relevant recommendations to our buyers – changing their mindset towards understanding their business;
  • Synchronise data from other communication channels such as InMail or Point Drive.

2. Save time

Time is unarguably one of the most valuable intangible assets for a seller. As Social Selling proposes, engaging & interacting with your prospects is highly recommended to generate qualified leads. Now, consider the scenario you have created enough conversations and interactions on LinkedIn Sales Navigator that it is ready to be transferred to our CRM platform. With the integration of LinkedIn in your CRM, you can directly save them as leads from the social platform as well as any InMail conversation you might have had.

Technology is here to exponentially increase your productivity.

Consider a second scenario; you have been using Sales Navigator for a long time without knowing there is a possibility to integrate CRM to LinkedIn. Now you can always import your saved leads from LinkedIn to your CRM system without having to transfer any of them manually. Save time! In addition to that, the new version of Team Sales Navigator includes their latest update: Deals. This new feature will improve the communication and speed of updating any modification in the sales pipeline of your opportunities.

You are saving time, but also you are ensuring that you do not miss track on your buyer’s needs. Alerts & insights will keep you up to date in real-time about all relevant type of information you need to make the best action towards building your sales relationship.

3. Break the ice towards a first conversation

One of the biggest challenges that sales reps face in their routine is to achieve the first in-person meeting. Knowing somebody in common can be a door opener towards that first conversation, eventually an in-person meeting. The equation is straightforward if your prospective client trusts a third party, who is part of your trusted & sustainable relationships, the chances of your prospect trusting you are higher if you get introduced by such third party. This relationship scheme works in any business scenario. It is the power of leveraging trust in your relationships.

The CRM integration with LinkedIn gives you the insight to find those people you can ask for an introduction in the shared connections section. Additionally, you can see ‘Team-Link” connections. Within large organisations, it is challenging to discover who from your company is connected to somebody in your targeted account/lead. This insight within your CRM can help you to localise such a link. Nonetheless, asking some of the shared connections isn’t the only way to break the ice, though. Have you thought of leveraging their LinkedIn activity, such as what they recently shared or liked? You can find under the highlight section such information. All in the same tool, your CRM start increasing your productivity by using all features of your LinkedIn CRM integration in its entire potential.

4. Target the right people

Statistics have demonstrated that focusing on one key player isn’t enough to fully generate business opportunities. The concept of “Multi-threading” has arrived in our sales strategies. An idea that enables better communication, help, creating conversations with at least six people within the buying committee.

Experts on the field ensure that more than 50% of the decisions are made outside of the C-Suite level. Consequently, finding the right people and engaging with them with insights becomes fundamental towards sales goals.

CRM LinkedIn Integration

CRMs are giving you the possibility to leverage the data that Sales Navigator is collecting from your sales preferences. The right settings in Sales Nav and consistency on the leads & accounts you are saving in the tool, it allows Sales Nav to learn from who you might be interested in. As you can synchronise Sales Nav with your CRM, you can directly retrieve such information from your CRM. The quickest way to find the right insight is to look at ‘recommended leads’. Those profiles are generally within your targeted account or similar to your potential lead. By finding one right person, you should focus on to reach out a decision. You can uncover other profiles involved in the decision process. Save time. Stay focus!

5. Leverage the potential of InMail

In addition to challenges of prospecting, our rate of response to our emails or answers to our phone calls from Business Decision Makers (BDM) can be meagre sometimes. Social Selling tools like Sales Navigator enables the possibility to the seller to knock down barriers towards direct communication with them: InMail. Start using this feature without leaving your CRM tool. Remember to consider the insights you can gain from this integration to tailor your InMails & personalise your approach.


Fully leveraging these five key benefits of LinkedIn CRM integration means improving the health of your business relationships. Timely insights, saving time and ensuring key activities are synchronised with your CRM. That will ultimately increase your business opportunities pipeline, which will get you closer to your organisation’s goals. Unify your Selling Experience while creating sustainable and trusted relationships. 

Employees who master Social Selling play a crucial role in the transition towards a more modern selling strategy. They are the best ambassadors, setting a standard for their company and encouraging them to adopt social selling techniques actively. Join our webinars that are designed to update you on the latest LinkedIn updates and to show how top marketing and sales professionals are using social selling tools, why you should embrace it and how to effectively implement a social selling strategy.




Javier Dominguez – Modern Selling Coach