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Good news! LinkedIn just released a major update on one of their products: LinkedIn Events! We are very excited to see how LinkedIn Events has become even more powerful and complete than before.

Companies have shifted their marketing event strategy to digital completely. Such a new approach has led to organizations to use LinkedIn Events since it was released in May 2020. Today, a major update has happened. This is what’s new:

Collect and export the attendee list from LinkedIn Events

Enable a registration form for the potential attendees to leave their contact details. LinkedIn Events has activated the option also to download a full report of attendees details. Amazing feature for future analysis and retargeting paid campaigns as you can see below.

Powerful sharing options

Start promoting your event organically. LinkedIn has enabled the possibility to share the LinkedIn Event pages across different channels in a few clicks. Promote your event to the right audience and leverage the power of your network across your different communication channels. We are digital, so is your target audience.



Promote LinkedIn events and retarget previous event attendees

If your organic reach is not good enough, you can now explore new possibilities within LinkedIn Ads. It has been released the possibility to sponsor LinkedIn Event content that has been shared within the page. Furthermore, retargeting strategies are more powerful than before. In most of the cases, you will be celebrating different online events during the year. The new features have brought the option of retargeting. Undoubtedly, this is one of the highlights of this new major update. You can sponsor future content within that target audience that registered or attended to past events. What a great update for marketing professionals!



You can find more information about LinkedIn Events here. However, we will share a full review of the new updates very soon! In the meantime, we highly encourage you to follow us on social media and on our blog to check the latest news and updates in regards to digital sales and marketing transformation. We believe the future will be shaped by how people use digital tools and platforms. Therefore, we are supporting organizations to set the foundation to win in the digital space. Let’s schedule a call to discuss the possibilities within your company.