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Human capital is the most important capital investment a company has, HR managers and their teams will need to identify the most efficient way to deploy their knowledge and abilities in service of their organization’s overarching goals.

Have you ever bought a new smartphone without first learning about it? Probably not! No different behave when it comes to job search. Two-thirds of candidates support social media for personnel marketing and discovery, candidates research in advance about their potential employer. But how do you stand out as a company?

The following 5 tips are for HR professionals who want to build their online presence and boost their employer brand. Let’s get it started!

Build Community

Your activities on LinkedIn should always count on building a community. They interact with you continuously, thus strengthening the bond with your company. If one of your followers is looking for a new job, the odds are that your personal and company profiles will be found first. The benefits for you and your community: constantly provide insights and company’s everyday life. Use your community as a talent pool, since you are already in contact with your followers, it will be easier for you to convince these people of your business and position.

Find Candidates and Target Them

On social media, you will be seen and perceived faster. The members move privately and professionally on social networks – several times a day, so members are constantly confronted with job advertisements and updates. For example, you can also reach interested candidates who are willing to move but are not actively looking for a job.

Company Profile

How should your company profile be designed?

Company Description: Your candidates want to know who they are applying to. For this reason, start a dialogue with your page visitors in the “About us” field. Answer the “how” instead of “what”, e.g. How do you help the world with your product and services?

Maintain Jobs page: Always list all vacancies on your Jobs page – no matter how big your business is and how many jobs are currently advertised on your job page. Vacancies are displayed to LinkedIn users through a special algorithm. In addition, interested candidates from your community and their contacts will visit your Jobs page.

Avoid Mistakes in the Company Profile

Incomplete profile: If elements such as logo, wallpaper or contact details are missing, your profile will look unprofessional. Therefore, upload your pictures in high-resolution quality as well as your corporate design. A complete profile, which provides regular insights into the company, leads, according to our experience, faster to an application or job placement.

Be inactive: It’s not enough to be online once a month to build a credible employer brand. The result: your site visitors lose interest in you, do not follow you and do not apply for vacancies.

Many Bullet points: Bullet points are meant to make texts more digestible for the readers. But in social media profiles, they make you look as if you just wanted to fill in the text quickly. Therefore, write in a Storytelling format to create a dialogue with your visitors.

Mine Your Network for Thought Leadership

A corporate page on LinkedIn is not a solo work by HR. Also, the marketing team should be at the party. Because content such as industry information and tips should be part of your content mix on social media. This content is not created by the HR department, but by the marketing team, so work together across departments to align with the social media editorial plan.

A social media profile is always a great way to periodically publish business impressions. Share authentic content and also encourage your employees to share it. Because contact from the contact may be the ideal employee advocacy for you.

Embed videos to introduce your business. It is important not to show the product level, but scenes from the company’s everyday life: Introduce individual departments to give the applicants insights into their potential team.

Publish updates about the company. Are you currently preparing for a fair? One of your teams has just completed an important project? Then tell this to your community and your site visitors.

Upload company photos. Use photos to give insights into your everyday life, projects and teams. In this way, you will bring the atmosphere closer to your company and position yourself as an attractive employer. Possible motives are official events, office pets, the office building, employees at work or during breaks.

If you would like to know more about social media for HR and how to create your professional brand online read our Guide to an All-Star LinkedIn Profile.

Guide to LinkedIn Profile


Author: Monica Senefonte – Business Social Selling Coach