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Companies need to go beyond their own channels and monitor those unbranded conversations to gain valuable insights and manage brand health.

“96% of the people that discuss brands online do not follow those brands’ owned profiles” (Source: Brandwatch )

You can measure your impact

The absence of tangible ROI in social media is a roadblock for many companies on their modern sales journey. Contrary to what you may have been told, there is a way to measure how much potential impact your online interactions have. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you have a Social Selling Index (SSI). The SSI score is a predictor, a crystal ball that can forecast how well your B2B social selling strategy is resonating with your network. Click to see where you stand. Hint: if you want to have a 40% greater chance of having a business opportunity, you will want to reach a 70 or higher. At 70, you will have adopted social as a routine and that is a major indicator of using social effectively, setting the stage for potential customers/connections to see you in a whole new, customer-centric light.

“On average there are 7 business decision makers that make up a buying committee today. It takes a consensus to reach a decision in today’s complex world of business. Targeting all those key influencers can raise your chances of moving a deal forward or influencing the traction of a potential one”

Establishing more connections exponentially grows your influence

It’s true that connection size within LinkedIn is a potential indicator of success; however, just having a large network is only part of the puzzle. Two common problems are quantity over quality and engagement. Multithreading is the new buzz-word. Simply put, it means going deeper within an existing account and uncovering new BDMS in other areas. It also implies using your team’s connections, or vice-versa, to help this penetration. Also, in order to maintain this newly expanded network, you actually have to engage your connections and continue to do so after the initial connect request. This becomes the true strength test of your network. Keep it strong. Keep talking. It’s proven that establishing more connections within an account exponentially grows your influence and your team’s influence to connect with business decision-makers.

Conversations can convert

As discussed in point number two, engaging with your network keeps the communication lines open and reinforces the relationship. Enter: content, the currency of social engagements. Online content sharing is more than sharing boring business articles, it’s a valuable way to showcase your thought leadership. Content is the new currency online. Every view, every like, every comment is valuable. Producing engaging, authentic content that is relevant to your network and potential customers starts the conversation in the online space, setting the stage for a business conversation. Marketers have known for decades that having employees share company content is 2Xs more effective at starting the engagement with a potential customer. Conversations can convert. No conversations generally mean no sale.

 Businesses need to move away from a transactional mindset to allow a B2B social media strategy to germinate and take hold.

You gain credibility

Like dating, expectations must be kept in check. After all, when you start the search for that special someone, do you sit down and plot out how much you are willing to put out in time, money, and energy – and then set a timeframe for results? It’s no secret that businesses focus on data to direct and validate their business strategy. Leveraging social media for business demands a new perspective to disrupt the modern buyer’s journey, and a greater way to understand how credibility and thought leadership is the new determining factor in courting a new connection. Credibility is the easier thing to lose, but the hardest thing to gain.

One success story can be a game-changer

Be a social media champion and show the importance of social media in your business. While going social online in business has not bridged the gap from something you do casually with friends, it might just be up to you to legitimize it as a business strategy and inspire your team to jump on board. One success story that you broadcast regarding your social selling experience can be a game-changer.

Through our webinar “Social Selling for Managerswe happily share with you tools and tactics that will help you grasp the advantages of implementing a social selling strategy in your company. This content is specially designed and aimed for marketing leaders who would like to do a change of mindset in their teams towards a modern, more human marketing and selling approach.

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