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At Tricycle, we are continuously striving for future development, but we also want to ensure that this future will be a bright and sustainable one. We recently interviewed Jochem Verberg, director and co-founder of Tricycle, to learn more about the steps Tricycle is taking towards a sustainable future. 

Amsterdam Tricycle SustainabiltyWhat has inspired Tricycle to take steps into the field of sustainability?

Here at Tricycle, we are always looking towards the future and the role that digital tools and social platforms have in shaping it. At the same time, it’s also about people. Tricycle has always kept people at the center of what we do: we are not only here to support people in their digital transformation, but we also want to contribute towards building a better future for all people.  

What is Tricycle doing and how are you achieving sustainable development goals? 

For Tricycle, it’s not just about how many trees we can plant as an organization, but also about inspiring others to do the same. We want to encourage others to want to make a difference. When participants on our programs hit their targets, we reward them by planting a tree in their name. By doing so, we are working towards two of our sustainability goals:   
1. To plant 5000 trees by 2027 for a better future, and: 
2. To inspire people to also make a difference, no matter how small. Remember, it takes 1 person to make a difference, but more is always better.

Why trees? 

There are so many ways to work on a better and sustainable future, but planting trees has been proven to be one of the most efficient solutions to fight Climate Change. Besides that, I think it’s something people can relate to and can really understand the impact of a tree planted. 

Why did you choose to partner with Tree-Nation? 

We were inspired by our longtime partner Sociabble. They’ve been investing in planting trees with TreeNation for many years now and have got us excited about the concept of tree planting.

What has been the general feedback so far?

Oh man, people are loving it. It’s been a great feel-good thing to do. For many, COVID-19 has disrupted our routines and made everyday activities all the more challenging. These changes, on top of the general uncertainty around this pandemic, can create feelings of stress and anxiety. People are starting to question what is important in life. When we notify participants we have planted a tree for them, it catches them by surprise and leaves a smile on their faces. We have received a lot of positive messages of thanks and appreciation.

Does Tricycle have any other sustainability initiatives on the horizon? 

Absolutely! For now, we want to make sure to embed this project in all that we do. We are discussing how we can take this further and we are looking into ways to continue to support sustainable development. 

Can I plant trees in your forest? 

Yes! You can do it here.

We are convinced that every little step helps against climate change and that together we can accomplish greater things. Join us in our effort to inspire everyone around us to step up for a better future. Read more about our actions around sustainability.