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Scaling Digital Selling and harnessing its potential are important topics for today’s CEOs, CMOs, and Digital Leads. Tailored specifically for the C-suite, Tricycle Europe is hosting this webinar on Scaling Digital Selling.

Digital sellers and marketers aim to establish a strong online presence of the company and aspire to position the company’s content at the front lines to be seen by the target audience, as 89% of business decision-makers make buying decisions based on their online research, using social media as an inherent source of information for making purchase decisions.

This webinar is designed to outline the crucial steps to implement and scale an effective digital selling strategy. Join us at our Scaling Digital Selling live event on May 11 at 16:30 CET.

In this edition, Job Thomassen – Digital Selling Consultant at Tricycle Europe, will be sharing how to implement an effective Digital Selling strategy that not only sets out a clear procedure across your company to share relevant content with your target audience but also lays the foundation for efficient communication across different departments within your company and how to gain valuable insights about your prospects.



JobJob Thomassen discovered he has a passion for helping people to get more results out of their work and sales. He is curious about why some sellers sell more of the same product/service than others without adding extra effort but by working smarter. Why do some companies sell more when there is hardly a difference in the product or service? What drives buyers to make their decision? The behaviour of buyers is changing faster than ever; this means that sellers’ behaviour and skillset needs to change faster than ever to stay on top of the game. At Tricycle, Job helps sellers and sales teams to adapt to modern sales techniques and tactics.

We are experiencing a digital revolution and this digitalisation is rapidly changing the way we do business. As the information gap between buyer and seller is closing, the buyer’s journey changes, calling for an entirely new approach to selling. Social Selling is a tactic designed to identify where the buyers stand and influence them earlier in the buying cycle. Sellers who have mastered this tactic are proven to have more business opportunities, more connections with business decision-makers and shorter closing times.

At Tricycle Europe, we support organizations worldwide through made-to-measure programs. With our effective and efficient solutions, we have established ourselves as digital coaching experts, assisting companies like Microsoft, Accenture or Citrix to excel in the art of Social Selling. We continue to cater to organizations through other services too, offering end-to-end sales support including demand-generation, compliance- and control and tool-based learning.

We believe that the future will be shaped by how people will use digital tools and social platforms. Therefore, we have been helping technology companies to set the foundation to win in the social space and we would like to help you in the same way.

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Scaling Digital Selling