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When you investigate the night sky, what do you see? Maybe on a clear night, you notice a planet or two, and a lot of stars, right? If you look further, you might see a cluster of stars that form a constellation. Traditionally named after its apparent form or identified with a mythological figure, a constellation is a group of stars that form a recognizable pattern. If you are a modern marketer, today you should be looking at your marketing efforts in much the same way: seeing the buyer’s journey as more of a constellation, rather than a straight line into the traditional funnel.

When modern marketers and sellers investigate the vastness of cyberspace, it is incredibly hard to find their buyers, and engage them to let alone map them into a known form, without the right equipment or strategy. Because of the omnichannel world that we live in, today’s buyers have infinite online research possibilities to explore. For sellers, this means the buyer usually finds them when they are ready. For marketers, this has complicated how they can find, nurture and nudge them into a traditional marketing funnel. The solution: create a modern sales funnel that is co-managed by an aligned marketing and sales department and employ a modern selling strategy.


Alignment of sales and marketing has always been the goal, and it is even more important in today’s’ digitalized pipeline. It is absolutely crucial for today’s seller and marketer to understand their buyer persona before they can start to understand where to look and what their buyer’s individual ‘constellation’ looks like.

Leveraging a modern selling approach can turn your sales teams into ‘telescopes’ that can illuminate potential buyers with the bright light of their amplified social brands and the subsequent engagement on social platforms.

Modern astronomers have divided the sky into eighty-eight known constellations. As a modern marketer, wouldn’t you like to learn how to better identify your customer constellations by activating your sales ‘telescopes’ in the online space? And as a modern seller, wouldn’t you want to warm up the coldness of the digital social space to start building those relationships and mapping your next business opportunity.

In our next webinar, we will tell you how you can make the first steps towards a more modern approach by scaling digital sales.


Eric Haar – Business Social Selling Coach