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Credibility. It’s the building block of trust. And we all know that trust is the final destination for any relationship. In business, trust is everything. It takes care and time to get there. When starting to travel down the customer relationship road, you must be prepared for a long journey; However, there are many available shortcuts today that can easily lead sellers and marketers to a dead-end.

With the rise of online social networking sites and the ease of contactibility options, the overwhelming amount of off-topic mass email, direct and paid internet ads aimed at the potential buyer has pushed them deeper into the omnichannel world of their own research. Why? Because too much communication -neverminded relevancy- can force anyone to shut down.

True communication starts with listening and then responding with valuable input. 

One way to bring customers back is to become a trusted advisor on social media platforms, like LinkedIn. Like a good friend, it all starts with being there. Being visible online and adding value when necessary is key.  So how do you do that?

Establishing a professional brand on social allows sellers and marketers to use it as a platform to share quality and valuable content – and not as a mass-media message hub. When done well, establishing and leveraging a professional brand online will broadcast your thought leadership and industry expertise like an online billboard alongside the information superhighway and position you as the go-to expert.

Despite the wealth of information and technology available to today’s modern buyer, it always comes down to establishing a trusted relationship.

People buy people, long before they buy your product – Eric Haar

In the case of modern selling, a seller, who inserts a carefully crafted professional brand prominently in this motion, allows online buyers the ability the reach out, connect and interact with them. When buyers can interact, sellers can distinguish themselves from the pack, and display the kind of interest that is so essential in today’s complex market. Thus, the building blocks of trust have been established.

The trick is to do this in a way that focuses on relationship building rather than the immediate release of business intent through unsolicited emails, connection requests or off-topic inMails.  If you would like to get started on your modern selling journey by identifying your professional brand and creating an online billboard that shows potential buyers what you can do for them, here’s how. Get in touch with any of our modern selling and marketing experts to ask for a consultation.


Eric Haar – Business Social Selling Coach