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One of sales enablement goals is to support customer-facing professionals in getting closer to business decision-makers and engaging with them on each of the buyer’s journey phases. To succeed in this, leaders and executives, being the frontrunners of change, must lead by example and encourage the rest of the organization to actively adopt new tools and techniques. 

LinkedIn, as a social network and a sales enablement tool, is the perfect platform to share valuable content and build strong and sustainable relationships with the right stakeholders. Everyone within the organization must embrace it and be a driver of thought leadership, representing the company’s brand and generating trust across the industry. When doing it correctly, this becomes a powerful tool to increase awareness, generate more leads, and boost engagement. 

In this video, Eric Haar – Digital Business Coach at Tricycle Europe and Joseph Taiano – Managing Director of Marketing for Consumer Industries at Accenture, have a conversation about Thought Leadership and the reasons why sales professionals should be active on LinkedIn. Watch this video to discover Joseph’s best tips for executives to become active on this platform.


We have learned that for executives to become thought leaders on LinkedIn, they should focus on two things: what they want to be known for and who their audience is. Something that we have to keep in mind is that building a network is not only about the numbers, is about the people that care about the same things you care about. 

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Barriers embracing LinkedIn