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In two years from accountant in Spain to a marketing project manager / social selling coach in Amsterdam. What did you learn?
“Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations” Think outside the box to come up with the solution you need. I love that one.  At Tricycle-Europe I learned a lot about team cooperation, how to enable marketing within the organization. I’ve also acquired skills and abilities of social selling that were fundamental to deliver impactful coaching sessions. 


Has your roll changed within Tricycle-Europe?
Yes, I am doing more marketing for Tricycle plus some extra help on Lead Generation


What does this mean in concrete terms?
I’ve got in charge of helping/managing marketing activities such as inbound campaign, managing social networks or enabling the team to generate new leads for Tricycle.


What could be better?
I believe that we can improve all aspects in life, both professional and personal. I´ve got a personal alert in my life. Whenever I feel I´m not progressing or improving, something is wrong.


How do you see social selling now that you have intensively started using it?
First of all, the name doesn’t correspond to its meaning. Social selling is more than just selling. But eventually, you will be increasing trust amongst your professional relationships, which, at the end of the day, will increase sales & marketing pipelines.


What is the secret of social selling?
The secret of social selling is being persistent. You have to be active to leverage the signal of any of your prospects when their radar of searching is on.  Another fundamental tactic is to have meaningful conversations plus sharing educating content. Any conversation can be driven to your solution. Key paths to success in social selling.

Have you achieved results with clients?

The best results I can mention when I’m working with clients is to receive positive and impactful feedback.  As a coach, influencing, triggering change and developing their abilities are some of the key outcomes that make us successful with clients.  


Have people returned after a few months of training with more questions?

Absolutely yes. I constantly receive messages asking for help, feedback or solutions.  A recent morning, I received a rewarding message from a client in the US. She found the session inspirational, that’s what matters to me when I look at my coaching responsibilities… Change comes with mindset and behavioral change. If I achieve any (or both of them), that´s what rewards the most and what motivates me at work.


How long does a process take and do these people realize the benefits?
Between 4 – 6 weeks. One first step is to raise the awareness (mindset). Second, to create results (behavior) so that they can see the impact. At least that amount of time. But every case is different.


What can you do better than when you started?

You can improve every single aspect of your professional life. I always try to find new ways to provoke change and impact out of my coaching sessions. In my new combined role with marketing and sales, I need to research and refresh my ideas regarding the topic. Remember? Always learning, always progressing.  If I have to pick specific aspects, coaching has been improving every day thanks to learning from each other and the mentioned research.


Constantly searching for new ideas and increasing knowledge