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If you do it correctly, social listening allows you to build and nurture a community who like, trust and know your brand. Here’s how you make sure you’re doing it the right way. Let’s get started with Social Listening.

Searching what they’re telling about your company across the entire Internet, would take some time. It’s just way too much. That’s why you need an excellent social listening strategy. With the right tool and guidance, you will easily find prospects and keep an eye on the general opinion about your brand, product, or rivals and use this information in your strategy.

Let a social listening tool help you to get started.

Investing in social listening tool helps you ease the job. Social networking has become an important business tool over the past decade. Businesses continue to invest in social media technologies, such as social listening, social selling, social ads, etc. In response, the social media technology industry is growing rapidly, offering more advanced analytical & engagement tools to meet the consumers’ needs.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

A common and productive place to find and cultivate sales leads is LinkedIn, the largest social platform for professional networks and relationships. For B2B sales and marketing professionals, LinkedIn offers a paid solution: ‘LinkedIn Sales Navigator’.

They designed this sales management tool to help you more efficiently tap into the extensive network of LinkedIn. LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides more control for your sales teams to find leads and efficiently manage their pipelines. You can easily target the most important contacts by using premium search filters, so they can mainly concentrate on more essential sales duties, such as building partnerships and closing deals.

The more you use the Sales Navigator, the more it will give you useful insights. Based on your sales preferences, search history, profile views, and past saved leads, the ‘Lead Suggestions Feature’ proposes appropriate leads.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another powerful platform for your social media management. It offers solutions for social listening and analytics, employee advocacy, and customer service. In the Smart Inbox, you can easily track and control involvement across social networks. The publishing tool allows you to schedule posts and map out your content strategy. In short, Sprout Social lets you discover patterns in social interactions, help you track keywords and trends and gives you a better idea about your audience.

Activate your skills in social listening.

Navigating social listening without aims is like navigating without a destination on a trip. Maybe you’ve got a map, but it won’t tell you where you need to go. How do you deal with all the collected data and how do you include social listening into your account planning strategy? Set goals, know what you want to track and where optimize and pivot. This all can be done internally by your marketing teams, or you could take a guide on your journey.

Advanced social listening with Tricycle Europe as your ultimate guide

Change isn’t easy. We at Tricycle Europe guide businesses on their adventure and support sales and marketing teams with our know-how. We help you adopt social listening skills, so you can immediately get started. Thanks to our guidance, you can focus on your strategic aspects of the business, while scaling your social listening strategy across your entire organization!

It’s all about generating quality leads, starting conversations, and eventually turning these leads into clients. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to perform searches proactively to check what your customers or prospects are up to.


Tap into the power of Linkedin to understand how you can listen to your customers on LinkedIn, by using Boolean searches. These searches allow you to combine words and phrases, by using the words AND, OR, NOT (Boolean operators) to restrict, expand, or specify your search.

Get started with Social Selling - Boolean Search


If you want to know more about how to enable social selling skills and social media strategies for your sales and marketing teams at scale, join our next live event where we’ll dive deeper into how to win in the digital space with social selling!

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