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Employees who master Social Selling play a crucial role in the transition towards a more modern selling strategy. They are the best ambassadors, setting a standard for their company and encouraging them to adopt social selling techniques actively. This event is designed to show how thought leaders are implementing social selling and why you should embrace it. We want to invite you to our Meet the Masters of Social Selling on March 9 at 16:30 CET.

For our first edition of the Tricycle Meet the Masters of Social Selling in 2021, we will count on Peli Karamustafaoglu — Managing Director Retail Switzerland at Accenture — as a guest speaker. She will share the virtual floor with Eric Haar — Digital Business Coach at Tricycle Europe. Pelin will share her success story after adopting a social selling mindset and behaviour. She will also tell us how she adds value to Accenture by showing thought leadership on social media.


Tricycle Meet the Masters of Social Selling Speaker

She believes in the power of two things: People and Technology.

For her, technology is essential in enabling people to unfold their potential. In order to that, you need to transform mentally and technically. Transformation is not about technology or becoming fit for the future; it is about supporting people in experience life in a positive way of creating tomorrow.

In her career, she always has embraced change and helped her clients find their own path on the Transformation Journey and shaped together with them to stay as the market leader.

As Managing Director for Retail at Accenture, she is driving change for some of the largest Retailers in Switzerland. She is focused on developing an end-to-end view for innovation and competition in a volatile market space.

The world is standing on the verge of a digital revolution, and this digitalization is rapidly changing the way we do business. As the information gap between buyer and seller is closing, the buyer’s journey changes, calling for an entirely new approach to selling. Social Selling is a tactic designed to identify where the buyers stand and influence them earlier in the buying cycle. Sellers who have mastered this tactic are proven to have more business opportunities, more connections with business decision-makers and shorter closing times.

At Tricycle Europe, we support organizations worldwide through made-to-measure programs. With our effective and efficient solutions, we have established ourselves as digital coaching experts, assisting companies like Microsoft, Accenture or Citrix to excel in the art of Social Selling. We continue to cater to organizations through other services too, offering end-to-end sales support including demand-generation, compliance- and control and tool-based learning.

We believe that the future will be shaped by how people use digital tools and platforms. That is why we enable large technology companies to set the foundation to win in the social space.

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Meet the Masters of Social Selling by Tricycle Europe