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How To Scale Digital Selling

How to Scale Digital Selling

One of the main objectives for digital marketeers is to communicate a clear and targeted message to the right audience. This can be particularly tricky in the online space.

For example, good content is often not sufficiently used across different teams and therefore does not reach the targeted leads and accounts. Moreover, no social media strategy, a limited amount of resources for digital marketing, and a lack of communication procedures and understanding between marketing and sales are among the commonly faced challenges.

In addition, the new reality of a changed buyer’s journey – online research and a search for a challenger seller – shows that there is a need for change and a structured approach to the world of Social.

At Tricycle Europe we specialize in adapting to this shift in the social media landscape. Supporting digital heavy weights, such as Microsoft, Accenture and Signify, we have gained extensive experience in guiding companies successfully in the next phase of digital involvement.

Generally, the focus should be on leading buyers to your solution, not with your solution. Here are a few more specific tips and tricks to effectively establish a strong online presence of the company and to position the company’s content at the front lines to be seen by the target audiences.

  1. Define a central point where company branded background pictures are stored, so all employees can use them, thereby broadly positioning the brand online
  2. Link the company page to each employee’s profile and add the company’s website in the contact details to increase the visibility of the company by leveraging the network of every single employee
  3. Define a content sharing strategy across the company, so everyone spreads the relevant information, leading to a wider and more authentic positioning of the company’s content

If you would like to learn more about how to incorporate being efficiently active on social in your daily routine, as well as Digital Selling and harnessing its potential, sign up for our free webinar here or Download your copy of our e-Book: The Social Selling Program a blueprint.

Scaling Digital Selling

Scaling Digital Selling

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