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Recent reports reveal that almost 4.2 billion humans are online of which 3.4 billion are active social media users. Moreover, social media has become an inherent source of information for making purchase decisions. Currently 89-percent of business decision makers make buying decisions based on their online research.

Therefore, the conclusion is that we want to be found, and we want to be found by the right people – our potential clients. Once found, we want to provide relevant and informative material that will provide them with the necessary insights to the products and services we offer.

The aim of every digital marketeer should be to establish a strong online presence of the company and aspire to position the company’s content at the front lines to be seen by the target audiences.

The data suggests that 50% of B2B customers check LinkedIn before making purchase decisions. This means, leveraging the power of this platform is important. For a strong online presence on LinkedIn, it is crucial that employee’s profile is decisive – and not only the LinkedIn company page. Company page information provides general information; however, the profiles of those within the company offer the personalized insights the buyer is really looking for to move them along on their journey to a business decision. Promoting employee LinkedIn profile’s as online business cards is the answer.

In addition to mobilizing our employees to engage by sharing relevant and interesting content, we can position them as trustworthy advisers in our industry. The first step in adopting a comprehensive social media strategy: defining a clear, company-wide content plan with the respective target audience. Read more about how to get started here.

How to Scale Digital Selling