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Importance Of Having Soft Skills In Digital Selling Transformation

Importance of having Soft Skills in Digital Selling Transformation

The progress of technology has undoubtedly a massive impact on how we conduct business and it has been changing the working world fundamentally for quite some time already. In particular for the digital marketing and sales team leads, emotions – the human element of business – are still and will remain an influential and decisive factor in the professional realm.

Allison: With the development and the pace at which technology continues to evolve and become more present in companies, how are you recognizing that this is affecting the corporate cultures or the way people are operating in business?

Lennart: I really think this is one of the most essential steps also to understand that technology is of course the driving force in the world, the changes within technology keep coming almost every day. When we look at it from a B2B perspective, we see that also with our clients, for instance, at some points, there is anxiety. It starts playing a role because they have a certain business issue, of course, technology can solve that issue but there comes a lot of fear also and if you don’t know how to address that, so again, soft skills, empathy, EQ, if you can also say that I really deeply understand your problem within your organization. Give it to me, we will make it work for you. And you are probably worrying about following issues, we’ve heard them before. You know, if you can communicate it in a way…

Allison: Creating like a safe place for them to feel…

Lennart: Yes!

Allison: Ok, I feel comfortable.

Lennart: Yes, absolutely.

Allison: I’m not living in fear about this anymore, but I know you are taking care of…

Lennart: But this requires empathy.

Allison: Yes! Do you think that there’s enough focus on the development of empathy within these corporate cultures?

Lennart: No. No, I still think we there is so much more space to improve on that. Because, you know, when you look at it again from a B2B perspective, if we want to engage with our future clients, if they ask us for a proposal, those proposals from us, from other companies are a commodity. They all look alike, it always contain PowerPoint decks with way too many words, but they hardly address the fact that there’s also anxiety on the other side of the table.

Allison: Right!

Lennart: Multi-million euro business deals are still being made on emotion, 90% of it is emotion. While we all think it’s a fully rational decision. If I see that so many service offerings look alike but I got a good feeling with you because you talk to me, and I feel you deeply understand me, then you and I will do business even if you are more expensive than the others.


If you would like to find out more about how our two experts view the development of business and inter-human relations, keep an eye out for the next part of the interview! In the meantime, check out our webinar Meet the Masters of Social Selling.

Meet the Masters of Social Selling by Tricycle Europe

Meet the Masters of Social Selling by Tricycle Europe

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