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“The cost of the same is greater than the pain of the change” – Tricycle Europe Coaching Team

Implementing modern learning methodologies has become fundamental for any organizations today. Some of the key elements in any modern learning path are scalability, cost-efficiency, customization, accessibility.

Nonetheless, the two major key components in choosing a successful learning path are technology and expertise. On the one hand, a learning path must be using the right technology and tooling. Digital plays an essential role in how we learn today as the modern learner demands quick, agile, collaborative and mobile-friendly methodology and content.

On the other hand, it is essential to understand what are the needs of the employees to remain competitive and, more importantly, to keep helping the customer. To simplify the potential scenarios, let’s consider digital selling skills as the necessary ability for your employees.

Modern selling or Digital selling (also known as Social Selling) has enabled a vast amount of opportunities for sales professionals over the last years. In spite of having the word ‘Selling’ in the concept, Digital Selling does not only involve sales but also marketing. They both are responsible for generating new business opportunities and nurturing existing relationships. Think about events, meetings, business lunches, phone calls, webinars, etc. Most of those regular activities won’t happen again face to face in the short term.

To understand the importance of acquiring Digital Selling skills and implementing strategies accordingly, let’s have a quick look at the comparison between long and short term to analyze business implications. In the long term, the likelihood of coming back to where we were a couple of months ago isn’t promising. We are experiencing an acceleration of the digital transformation (digital revolution), which is leading to moving everything we do virtually, from home.

Such acceleration leads us to the analysis of the short term implications. In a nutshell, neither sales nor marketing teams are able to meet the customer face to face, attend or organize networking events or even have a coffee with existing clients. That has led to professionals to find new ways of applying the same things that have been working so far to help the customer and thrive as a business.

After having coached and helped thousands of sales and marketing professionals, we have decided to put together the skills that are needed for this specific group (digital selling) with a modern way of learning through a blended learning path. We combine the modern way of learning with the right expertise you need to succeed in this acceleration of the digital transformation. Now more than ever, you have to react to the circumstances if you want to keep being competitive and helping your customers to achieve more.

The Tricycle Learning Path describes the art of digital selling in three essential layers:

  1. Branding – enabling the professional/company to establish their professional brand in the online space.
  2. Connectivity – understanding where and how to grow the connectivity level between your employees and your customers and potential customers.
  3. Engagement – business relationships require empathy, trust and manners. Through social networks, the professional is able to create and nurture business relationships by leveraging the power of relationships. Online social spaces have become a virtual place where professionals are communicating with the customer in a personalized manner.

It is fundamental to react today to this change, to the situation we live in. Therefore, the Tricycle Learning Path is already available for you to sign up. We have designed a blended approach with articles, videos, quizzes, tip sheets and more for you to learn and master the art of Digital Selling in only three weeks.

If you want to learn more about it, visit our dedicated website. Remember you can always find us on LinkedIn.