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Just last week, our CEO Jochem Verberg had a virtual meet up with Program Development Manager Laura Ceci Galanos to discuss the changes in the world of marketing and sales, specifically around the topics of digital selling and acquiring new skills. We asked them to record their conversation so we could share with you a sneak peek of our work while building our very own Tricycle Europe Learning Path.

“Sellers, in all different layers of the field, need to quickly adapt to the new circumstances.” says CEO Jochem Verberg.

This mainly derives from the fact that they are not able to have face to face meetings or events which brings the urgent need for using different channels to build trust, show empathy and mostly, nurture relationships with clients.

But is that the only challenge?

Adapting to these new circumstances also means finding new ways to learn. With training on-locations getting cancelled and entire teams connecting solemnly through virtual channels, it has become crucial to find new ways to allow employees to consume learning assets and acquire the skills they most need to perform their jobs efficiently and productively.

While safely working from their private spaces, Jochem and Laura shared their points of view regarding the main challenges that companies and business professionals face because of the current Covid-19 situation.


Over the past 3 years, Laura has been coaching business professionals around the globe on how to master the art of Digital Selling to increase the awareness around them and their brand and attract more business opportunities. In her second role as Development Manager, she has been developing new services and offerings to meet our clients’ needs.

“Modern selling is not only an option anymore. It has become the new reality”, Laura says.

Which is why we decided to firstly switch our face to face coaching and training sessions to the virtual space and offer our clients a Learning Path designed for them to dive into the topic of Digital Selling at their own pace, on their own devices, whenever best suits them.

Our Tricycle Learning Path revolves around the three Digital Themes of Branding, Connectivity and Engagement with the aim to give sellers and marketers a learning blended approach filled with articles, videos, tip sheets and more. All topics that when mastered can lead to unlocking new business opportunities.

Curious to find out more? Visit our dedicated website and get in touch so we can support you and your company to quickly adapt in this time of unprecedented change.