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LinkedIn has now officially launched the option of creating LinkedIn Events for both individuals and company pages. This new feature provides the capacity for LinkedIn members to create and organize event pages to gain broader visibility, more engagement and increase the connectivity with the event’s participants.

The world’s changed. We are living in a whole new business environment, where physical events aren’t an option anymore. It is hard to believe, but we might never come back to our previous business environment. Thus, digital networking has become a solution for many businesses to keep functioning. Digital Networking is essential in any marketing strategy today.

In any event’s strategy, there must be pre-engagement activities to boost the benefits of networking digitally. LinkedIn Event’s feature is a fantastic opportunity to carry some of those pre-engagement activities. But first things first, why should you be using LinkedIn Events? What are the benefits?

Why should you use LinkedIn Events?

The benefits of organizing or attending an event can be various. It is noteworthy to mention visibility (brand awareness), engagement (conversations and interactions) and connectivity (networking). The current COVID-19 situation has drastically taken off the possibility of offline events in any marketing strategy. However, we are living in the Digital Era. Tools and platforms have gained prominence to be a solution in marketing strategies, and therefore, a solution to turn offline events into fully-fledged digital events.

LinkedIn Events has an important role when referring to pre-event activities. In coordination of the three important values of doing networking, this new feature will enable marketing teams to:

Gain broader visibility

LinkedIn is the largest B2B social network platforms, where millions of professionals are active every day. According to LinkedIn statistics, users on LinkedIn has around 1,000 connections on average. Leveraging such LinkedIn network will allow you to expand the outreach of the event. By sharing the LinkedIn Event page with your network or inviting those targeted professionals, you will be opening the possibility for them to re-share or engage such a page. Consequently, those interactions activate the visibility within their networks, which enlarge the capacity of reaching out individuals that you couldn’t do on your own.

Generate more engagement

LinkedIn Events includes different functionalities for the members to read, interact and engage with the content that has been shared. Every event must have a content strategy. Typically, marketers shared posts, articles, videos and more to generate enough awareness around the event and attract new leads. Today, you can share content exclusively on the LinkedIn Event Page, which allows the attendee to get a notification of the shared piece of content. Thus, you are enabling the possibility of having several conversations before the event happens.

Increase your connectivity

While you are inviting the potential attendee or attendee to the LinkedIn Event page, you are also connecting to them as it is necessary to be a first-degree connection to invite to the event page personally. It is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to the attendees and connect on LinkedIn, which will improve the connectivity between your workforce and the target companies. Start boosting your connectivity and create a LinkedIn Event for your upcoming ones.



The world has changed, and we are living in a whole new business environment, where physical events aren’t an option at this time. The way we communicate, how we consume information and how companies do business have changed. Digital networking has become a solution for many companies to keep benefiting from the art of networking. We believe the future is Digital and Social.

To be truly adaptive, the world of B2B must maintain a successful, seamless strategy that covers both the physical and digital world. To secure their future success, progressive companies such as Microsoft, Citrix, Accenture or Freshworks amongst other large organizations, are looking to gain a ‘win’ in the social world.  These companies are enabling their employees with new tactics and tools to help keep pace with the new, buyer’s journey. At Tricycle-Europe, we help companies achieve more by combining new technology and tactics.  We do so by narrowing the focus towards a strategic, social approach, where authentic communication and relationship building is key.

We want to continue to help companies like yours to win in the social space. If you want to know how to create your LinkedIn Events in five easy steps, check our guidelines in the following article!