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The current COVID-19 situation has brought several business implications both in the long and short terms. Companies are not able to have face-to-face meetings, attend events, go to the office, have teams meetings, etc. From the long-term perspective, it is uncertain whether the way we do business will come back to how it was. What would it be the percentage of activities that will be carried out mostly digitally? How are we going to respond after leaving behind the current situation? Furthermore, large organizations are investing in modern learning programs so they can prepare their employees.

In the short term, there is a need for an immediate reaction. Narrowing down the scenario to sales and marketing, professionals need to keep helping the client, have conversations and execute marketing strategies to keep nurturing the client or leads. Therefore, sales and marketing professionals need to adapt their skills and toolset to be able to respond to the speedup of digital transformation.

Acquiring new skills and tactics has changed over the last years. Employees, hence companies, are demanding more and more a modern learning approach. Consequently, modern learning has left behind our traditional learning methods such as sitting in a room while listening to a lecture or getting lost in reading 300-pages books. Today, individuals are demanding a more agile, quick and accessible methodology of learning. Further in this article, you will see the benefits of implementing a modern learning methodology. Yet, it is important to remark that are certain challenges that arise when investing time in online learning.

First, we have a tremendous amount of information at one click. Search engines, social media or any other platform is overwhelming the professional with information. The information must be relevant and up to date. Second, our attention span has diminished over the last years. Lastly, we demand that the information we want to learn is available in our mobile phones and accessible anytime a professional wants.

Companies are reacting to the new generation of learners by developing new and modern learning methods at their organizations to help their employees to thrive and upskill their capabilities. Eventually, we cannot forget that developing the workforce’s skills requires a change in mindset and behaviour, which could be very costly and time-consuming. As a result, the implementation of a learning path becomes a potential solution.


What is a learning path and why is it so important? 

A Learning Path is described as a chosen route, taken by a learner through a range of e-learning activities, which allows them to build knowledge progressively. With learning pathways, the control of choice moves away from the tutor to the learner.

The relevance of having an active learning path has increased in the last months due to the current situation we live in. The combination of having modern learners and a tough crisis has turned the way we used to learn into a fully-fledged digital learning method. Why is that?

A learning path is scalable 

Companies are seeking learning systems that are scalable. Consider the scenario of large organizations. If a company like Microsoft or Accenture wants to develop digital selling skills in their sales workforce, they demand a solution that can be scaled easily across the organization from a cost and time point perspective.  

A learning path can be easily available for any employee at the organization by using the right technology and developing the right path that satisfies the company’s needs. That will allow the enterprise to deliver standardized content to the employees across the entire organization in a consistent approach.

A learning path is cost-effective

In the time of crisis, enterprises tend to reduce costs to remain healthy and competitive. However, there are other solutions. Companies can increase the quality of their offering by upskilling their workforce. Upgrading your employee’s skills can be very costly since it implies change, which takes time and requires professional support. However, there are certain topics that could be framed in a more automated way of learning. Thus, a learning path becomes an option.

Modern learning is enabling many organizations to overcome the cost of not changing and allowing them to generate the opportunity to optimize today’s time investment. The employee needs to be ready to identify and fulfill any customer’s needs. Remember that the cost of the same is higher than the pain of the change. Make sure your employees are unskilled.

A learning path can be customizable and branded. 

One of the main concerns of managers taking the decision of investing in learning for their employees is falling into buying something too generic. The application of the right technology and the right experts in the field would enable that any content can be customizable as well as branded for your company.

Modern learning allows professionals to quickly adjust the content and material needed to properly upskill the workforce. Then, the right experts will make sure that the potential course within the learning path is fully adapted to what your company is demanding, or your workforce needs to become more complete professionals.

A learning path is easy to be used at any time and any place.

Technology is offering many possibilities to make a learning path available to any person in the organization and accessible from any device. However, it is important to remark that individuals demand and assume that the platform is mobile-friendly. Therefore, choosing the right partner and the right platform is crucial for the success of modern learning’s implementation.

Modern learning is offering numerous advantages for organizations to cope with the current digital transformation’s acceleration. The world’s changed and we aren’t getting back to the previous environment. Thus, some questions arise: are you enabling your employees to adjust to the current situation? Do you know what skills and capabilities your workforce needs to keep helping your customers to achieve more?

In our next article, we will share with you how to implement Modern Learning and, what’s more, what the right skillset is for your employees to succeed in this acceleration of the digital transformation. Now more than ever, it is time to fully fledge your strategy towards digital. In the meantime, do not miss any publication in our blog. We are constantly bringing you the latest marketing and sales content you need to win in the digital and social space. Are you ready?