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The Value of Social Account Monitoring

We come from a business model where marketing and sales were considered two separated teams. However, they have evolved simultaneously along the time. Although they were apart from each other, interests, goals and ideas weren’t too much far away from each department. Today, It is impossible to conceive both functionalities as two but as one big department that is in charge of the business growth. In fact, important roles in large organisations such as ‘Sales Enablement’ are pursuing the goal of merging sales and marketing strategically.

Modern techniques have arrived to help both departments to work together, to cooperate towards one goal: generate new business opportunities. One of these modern techniques is Social Selling. A tactic that brings the power of social networking into the real and online business worlds. However, there are particular struggles, challenges and needs that have to be addressed to make this tactic works and achieve the merge of sales and marketing.

There are many elements, challenges and needs that we can highlight when we talk about sales and marketing. However, we are going to focus on two significant challenges/needs that can bring both teams together:

(1) Finding new contacts, new business decision-makers that would complete the stakeholder map

(2) Generating marketing engagement from crucial business decision-makers, which would enable the right conversations eventually.

On the one hand, marketing is seeking that any marketing activity (sharing content, events, newsletter, paid advertising…) is reaching as many BDMs as possible from those target accounts. They are especially focusing on Account-based marketing in this new decade more than ever to show empathy and understanding of their targeted businesses.

On the other hand, sales teams are continuously seeking new BDMs to phone, to arrange an appointment to elevate their pitches, to convince they need their solution. The problem arises when they are facing a lack of knowledge about the right BDMs or not even knowing who the right BDM is. Therefore, mapping the account regarding decision-makers becomes fundamental to achieve their goals.

In the following interview, Jochem Verberg – CEO & Founder of Tricycle Europe – has recently had a conversation with his marketing manager – Javier Dominguez– on how ‘Social Account Monitoring’ is helping organizations to drive the right business impact by finding the right people and insights.



We believe that the future will be shaped by how people will use digital tools and social platforms. That is why we set the foundation for large organizations to win in the social space. We have helped thousands of marketing and sales professionals to fully leverage the potential of digital strategies.

Join us in our next webinar to find out more how we are adding value to large organizations by helping them to ‘win’ in the social space. 


We are living in challenging times, in which an acceleration in digital transformation is happening in every sales and marketing team.

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