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Employee advocacy includes all the actions employees take to promote the company they work for in the social space. The main goal is to share brand values and messages organically, to spread the word. The right employee advocacy tool expands your professional branding and secures your social media presence. Today, employee advocacy doesn’t only helps you find the most relevant content for your audience in an easy way, but it also saves you a ton of time since all content is gathered in one place.

The partnership between Sociabble and Tricycle Europe is the optimal blend of social selling technology and humanized context-specific coaching. Large organizations invest many resources in tools, but employees aren’t using or maximizing their value. At Tricycle, we help them expand their social media presence by achieving tool adoption and maximizing their tool investment.

In this video, Jochem Verberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Tricycle Europe, and Jean-Louis Benard, CEO and Co-Founder of Sociabble, discuss where employee advocacy stands today. Watch this video to discover some key elements that need to be taken into account for an employee advocacy program to meet expectations.


We’ve learned that a good employee advocacy program can be a great way to increase awareness. Still, it requires support from the company, good content, and an understanding of the benefits for both the employees and the company. Employee communication, employee advocacy, and employee engagement are three topics that should always address together.

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