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Some professionals consider that the foremost priority of a company must be to consider a specific focus on its customers, preceding even sales or profitability. In the effort to achieve it, a human digital marketing and sales strategy should be within its priorities.

Customers control an essential element of the sales process since they are the ones that will eventually decide between buying a product or service. You need to develop an insightful knowledge of the factors that will drive their decisions, to implement actions that will allow you to engage with them and convince them into making a purchase. Companies that place customers before any other factor tend to evolve in the direction of a more personal approach and achieve better customer service, which naturally results in higher sales.

A successful company is involved in every stage of the “Buyers Journey”, making sure that clients can enjoy a fulfilling buying experience. Thus, it is essential to fashion a feeling of satisfaction during the whole purchase process, especially in an online world where business depends more and more on recommendations to generate future sales and position the brand. A happy customer can become a promoter of your company and help to influence people towards buying your products and services.

Humanised Marketing through Social Selling

One of the keys to achieving a humanising business process is Social Selling. In the new digital age, social networks provide a unique environment for consumers to find what they are looking for. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms have become the channel where companies and people come together interacting and communicating in a more efficient and empathic manner.

Social networks enable a company to implement better customer service procedures since it can solve problems as soon as they are detected and respond to inquiries in real-time. The advantages of opening a direct and interactive flow of communication can be enormous when one is careful and ready to respond in a professional and timely manner, especially when receiving complaints and criticism.

While it is true that some modern technologies and tools contribute to offering the client a better buying experience, the human touch remains essential to fulfil their needs.  Building long-term relationships with customers mean contacting their emotions authentically. The big challenge is to find a balance between digitalisation and the team’s soft skills.


3 Ways to Humanise your Marketing Strategy:

Humanise the Company’s Image

Employees are experts in the company’s product or services, so they are the most suitable to make recommendations and build a more human relationship with the customer.

Your brand needs to have defined values according to its activities and origins. All the employees should commit to follow and promote these values and convey them to others, including customers.

LinkedIn is a great platform to put into action employee advocacy programs, aiming to promote and improve a company’s image by closing the breach with potential customers. Some valuable advantages that are easy to obtain are positive exposure, an increase of consumer confidence, and brand awareness.

Humanise your Interactions

One of the most effective ways to achieve a more human interaction with customers is to personalise and improve their experience through customer care actions. The client needs to be treated with empathy, especially during stressful situations. Thus, it proves essential to gain their trust.

Have a friendly presence in all the channels where your potential customers usually navigate, offering real conversations to them. Learn how to listen before you approach your audience. Our business exists for a reason, and it is addressing some issues of your customers. Convey the idea of how and why your business matters and how it is impacting people’s lives, making a difference and innovating.

Make your Company Trustworthy

Customer feedback is a crucial element in the humanisation of your marketing strategy.  Your audience is the primary source of information to improve what you offer. You must have the appropriate channels to ask their opinion, to identify what special features they are expecting, and to understand what you can do to enhance their experience. Social listening tools such as Sales Navigator can be of great assistance in this process. Just remember to apply the human feeling while you are interpreting results.

Determine the trends of your industry and offer your clients what they need. Inspire and coach your team to be experts on the subject and promote the brand.

How can your company benefit from a more human marketing approach?

In this new world, values play a fundamental role for marketing professionals and business decision-makers in general. Marketing leaders of firms dependent on B2B models cannot forget to focus their communication and marketing strategies towards the social media environment, not only as a selling instrument but mostly as a way to communicate their company values and vision.

A humanised experience for your customer requires a specific emphasis on empathy and awareness of customers’ emotions.  Never forget to maintain a mindset where the customer is the centre of all efforts. This way, your company will be able to offer a flawless experience with an authentic human touch that customers will undoubtedly appreciate.

Social selling can guide you, as the leader of your company, towards developing expertise and giving your potential customers reasons to trust you. The image of your firm can be optimised through social platforms, especially LinkedIn, where you can offer handy insights to your audience by personalising the content that proves your knowledge of your industry, for example, by providing them with tips and solutions. Always put yourself in the customers’ place to be familiar with their perspective and enable you to have a more humanised interaction with them.

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