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The telephone may have reigned supreme as the best way to connect and sell in the past. But with B2B digital selling leaders generating five times the growth of their peers, the power of social selling is no longer something that can be overlooked. In 2014, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounted for $3 billion in sales, and with social media usage seemingly increasing year-on-year, these revenue figures continue to grow.

However, using social media as a tool for sales is about more than just pitching your services or product. Instead, it is about focusing on the following three pillars: branding, connectivity, and engagement. Today’s market demands that you insert yourself into the landscape of the customer. It’s about making meaningful connections which lead to heightened brand awareness. It’s about showing the customer that you see them, hear them, and ultimately, that you have the solutions they seek.

There is no doubt that social media, especially LinkedIn, can be rocket fuel for B2B sales teams. So, why is it that while many B2B enterprises see value in social selling, only a minority have developed social selling programs? At Tricycle, we have coached thousands of sellers to implement digital selling strategies. One of the most common perceived challenges of implementation that we encounter is time. For many sellers who find themselves overscheduled, social media is typically the first thing to be put on the back burner, but it shouldn’t be. These five to-dos can help you to make every minute count and help you to be at the cutting edge of social selling.

Set Priorities

The reasons why social media should be moved up your priority list are abundant. But perhaps the most important reason is that it’s one of the few tools that sales teams have with a two-way communication flow. It allows sellers to build relationships, leading to improved trust and credibility, in turn leading to more conversions. Which platform are your customers most active? Once you’ve identified this, prioritise this platform and engage, engage, engage.

Search for a Social Media Champion

Winning in the social space means more than just creating an account and uploading posts. It requires strategy. So, how do you do it? Learn by example. Research industry peers that are doing social well, and use this as inspiration for steering your own strategy in the right direction.

Schedule Time and Stick to it

Blocking out time in your calendar dedicated to your social media efforts keeps you accountable, and keeps you from letting your social presence fall by the wayside. However, make sure that the scheduled time you set aside is reasonable and realistic – even just committing 10-15 minutes a week to accomplish small goals such as connecting with three relevant prospects a week, and sharing two pieces of thought leadership content can help you to accomplish more than you could imagine.

Keep Up to Speed with Social Media Sales Trends

The social media landscape is fast-paced. With new features and updates being rolled out almost monthly, it can be hard to keep on top of. Following social selling thought leaders can keep you up to date with all of the latest social features that allow you to fulfil your selling potential. Check out our LinkedIn page and be on the pulse of the latest trends in digital selling and marketing.

Implement Employee Advocacy Tools

Helpful in growing brand value and reach, employee advocacy is a critical component of a social strategy that is often overlooked. To leverage employee advocacy to its fullest, consider using a dedicated employee advocacy platform like Sociabble and watch your brand recognition grow.

It’s understandable that many sellers perceive time as the biggest barrier to being a social media success. However, addressing the core of this issue begins with the foundation, and the foundation for success starts by having the right mindset. In order to fully adopt a Modern Selling strategy, behavioural change is necessary. At Tricycle, our ongoing coaching program is designed to incorporate Modern Selling techniques into your daily routine. We do this through intensive coaching sessions, elaborate reporting and full-service support. In today’s digital-first era, sellers that put in place strategies to match this new standard will be guaranteed better chances of success than those that do not.

Are you keen to learn how you can make social media work for you? Join our Meet the Masters of Social Selling webinar, where we celebrate how our community are winning in the social space. See how others are implementing social selling into their daily routines, why you should embrace it, and how to influence prospects earlier in the buying cycle.

On December 9 at 16:30, we will be hosting our last 2020 edition of the Tricycle Meet the Masters of Social Selling. Are you curious to know the attendee experience we mentioned above in one of our events? Join Rene Eres – Head of Medium Enterprise at A1 Austria Telekom, and Sarah Loessner – Tricycle Digital Business Coach, to learn how Rene, his sales team and A1 Austria Telekom is winning in the digital space by implementing the right social selling strategy.


We believe the future will be shaped by how people use digital tools and platforms. Therefore, we are supporting organizations to set the foundation to win in the digital space. 

Tricycle Meet the Masters of Social Selling